10 Best Uses of Online Marketing Automation Hacks for Small Businesses

Automation helps businesses with time management, faster scaling, reducing chances of human error and loss. More than 80% of companies that invest in marketing automation are getting overwhelming results that mark success. In addition, this also cut marketing overhead by 12%. Marketing automation is a tested method to beef up leads, turning leads into conversions and thus, revenue. It has boosted sales productivity by 14%.

However, often the best use of automation remains just a theory and it’s not used to its highest potential when comes to practice. Find out how digital marketing agency in Kolkata is empowering small businesses and helping them increase revenue by 3 times!

Let’s take a look at 10 best usages of online marketing automation hacks that has helped small businesses.


Make customers feel welcomed

Once your customers have registered, automate their onboarding by sending a welcome email. This will help your customers guess what they can expect from you, tell them more about who you are and instigate them to go to ‘Next’. There are very warm welcome mail examples from Kate Spade, Virgin America, Michaels, Food52, etc. and surprisingly, all these mails are so engaging. These are more like –“let’s get to know each other” rather than “what I do”.

Time is crucial. The study depicts that among the retailers with top performance, 50 % are punctual in sending 1st welcome mail right away; another 44% within a minute or two; 2% within 3 minutes and the rest within 5 minutes. Top retailers who are doing well include a discount offer in their first email, but when they send a second mail, only 29% offer a discount. [Source: Listrak]

A welcome email series can serve additional purposes other than driving sales. Several companies use 2nd email to endorse their social media platforms, relay brand image, communicate policies, introduce new product or service lineup, and promote locally.



Auto-direct to the feedback section

Gathering feedback and asking for reviews is not something new. We have ecommerce leaders like Amazon and Flipkart that ask your review for every purchase you have made, and even add images. Companies are now auto-directing customers to the review section. It’s like, unless you review your last purchase, you can’t continue shopping. Those who use Ola must be familiar with this automation hack. Reviewing a product or service acts as an online viral marketing tool and helps others make a well-informed decision. The feedback helps you shape your products and services accordingly.

As customers turn out to be both more tech-savvy and more demanding, their prime expectation in terms of service is speed. Customer service automation can have a very positive effect on your team’s workflow. For example, your help desk system can be programmed to provide scripted solutions to the most frequent support scenario. This means that your human employee will not waste time typing out the same answer several times a week.

Some of the top customer feedback tools with which you can easily create online survey are SurveyMonkey, Hively, Get Satisfaction, Client Heartbeat, Typeform, etc.

Customer Feedback


Subscribe now button

You must have come across a ‘subscribe now’ pop up window that appears when you visit a website. There is a ‘No thanks’ option that you can click and close the window if not interested in subscribing. However, the alternative texts for ‘No thanks’ button are chosen in such a way that you will think twice before clicking it. The texts are something like “No, I don’t want to generate leads”; “I would rather fail”; etc.

Here is a list of some of the advanced popup plugin:

OptinMonster offers a wide range of urbane functionality. With this you can build wonderful, professional pop-ups using a dedicated visual builder. You can select from nine predefined templates, though each element of the pop-up is totally customizable – which includes colors, sizes and fonts.

Bloom is another big daddy in the email subscription plugin market. It was invented by highly reckoned Elegant Theme developers which supports a stunning, instinctive, custom-built UI. This interface can be used to produce visually stunning opt-in forms.

Another incredible free popup plugin for WordPress is SumoMe.

To have the popup function to your website, visit the SumoMe website and download the core plug-in. Once it is installed, you will be asked to register with SumoMe before it starts functioning. The best part is – it’s free.

Subscribe Now


Exit-intent pop-ups

A well-designed exit pop-up can inflate leads by 6 times or even more. It’s quite amazing, right? If you are generating 100 new leads at present per week, a simple yet effective exit pop-up window could net you 500 additional leads. A little bit of coding to your website can do all the wonder. They appear on screen just when your visitor clicks the close webpage button or has bounced. The use of an exit pop-up is to restrict your visitor from leaving the website and keep him/her engaged with an exciting offer or info that would be valuable to the visitor. This prevents lost leads as you successfully stopped the visitor to bounce on to another site, probably your competitor’s site.

Digital marketing agency in Kolkata leverages upon the best automation tools that will suit your business and empowers it by effective content.

Time for some additional fact checks:

On an average, online shoppers stay on an e-portal for just 15 seconds. That’s certainly not a long time to convert visitors into a buyer. In addition, 68% of visitors leave their orders in the cart and exit the page. Many companies even suffered worse stats that these averages.

Exit pop ups are to interrupt this situation.

The psychology behind is quite simple: people require the right motivation and inducements to take a desired action. When your customers are leaving the website, you can promptly change their mind in that short time of indecision by incentivizing them with an exclusive last-minute offer “just for you”.



SEO Software

Starting from keyword research to analyzing the competitor’s backlinks, there are a whole lot of processes that comes in the middle. All the SEO tasks are time consuming if you are not well versed in doing them. Good SEO software can handle tedious SEO tasks. Most of these SEO tools and software can do a lot related to SEO like keyword research, social bookmarking, directory submission, blog commenting, forum posting, etc.

Some of the free SEO tools are Google PageSpeed Insights, Moz Local Listing Score, Google Analytics, Google Keyword Planner, Open Site Explorer, Google in an Incognito Window, Google and Bing Webmaster Tools,, Hubspot etc.  Each tool is used for different functions and helps you lessen the tedious SEO tasks. When using 3rd party software, one needs to pay attention as there are chances of ending up with bad backlinks. It is recommended you rely on a professional digital marketing company in Kolkata for your local business which is well aware of how to handle software for maximum results. But, using these automation tools also require thorough knowledge of Search Engine Optimization, so replying on the leading digital marketing company in Kolkata would be the best option.    



Targeting communications over multiple channels

Times have changed, and so have the communication choices of employees as well as customers. But people are not restricted to picking just one communication channel such as email. The cross-channel messaging platforms assemble all key communication media in a single integrated dashboard for utmost messaging impact.

These automation tools have the ability to target communications over multiple channels, lets you board mobile app notifications, or even messages to the dashboard of a car (For instance, if you are a car manufacturer).

Some of the cross channel marketing automation tools are ExactTarget, Pardot, Trumpia, etc. Some of them are intended for B2C companies while others are designed for B2B organizations.

Whom it is for:

It is for the companies that have the craving and resources to go above and beyond with their marketing automation. If you are really looking to the future of marketing automation and want to connect with your customers over multiple channels, these tools are for you.

Content Curation

From Reddit to Songza, content curation plays a huge role in the social web. We are all on the same motto to discover the best piece to enjoy and share with others. Businesses that have broader online audience and follower, should always provide quality content and sharable materials that is of use to their followers and target customers.

Looking for an easy definition? The process of content curation means sorting via huge number of content available over the internet and presenting the best materials in a meaningful and organized post.

The process can comprise of sorting, sifting, arranging, and positioning found content into precise themes, and then publishing that information. Do not mix it with content marketing.

You have most likely read plenty about how quality content plays a role in attracting people to your site. But you cannot just snap your fingers and have great piece ready. You either require spending hours creating it yourself or hire a professional to do it.

A substitute that won’t cost you time or money is content curation, where you share other’s content. Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools for searching content to curate and scheduling the time to post it. A few others would be Google Reader, The Tweeted Time,,, Summify, Flash Issue, etc.



Sales Automation

Obtaining the software that has the correct toolset is critical for your company’s employees and their capability to succeed. Functionality must be highest, yet there is still room to balance without the platform becoming overstuffed and burdensome. When it comes to sales automation tools, some of the important things that businesses should look into consideration are: strong outreach capabilities, authoritative datasets, streamlined usability, and efficient user support.

Growbots is a SA platform that controls AI algorithms and machine learning to provide sales teams with a sufficient list of pertinent prospects.

Growbots AI algorithm creates a customized list of potential customers from its self-updating database of over two hundred million contacts with the company data you enter to make a targeted list of prospect who would probably be attracted to your offers. In addition, Growbots’ data are demonstrated to be accurate, and can facilitate email bounce rate clock in at below 10%.

The company’s system can start new campaigns, optimize outreach efforts, send follow-ups, rearrange emails that receive “out of office” replies, and arrange inboxes in a manner most favorable to productivity and sales.

Scaling Social Presence

Netting profitable return on investment for the time you pay out on social media is easier said than done. The major headache for marketers concerning social media boils down to time management. That is why, automatic features of your social media presence should be considered as “When” not “if”. None the less, marketers at present are likely to reach alarming social media presence, using their follower count as a parameter to measure their social media performance.

Follower count is like the brand name. The more popular the brand, the less push marketing is needed. Similarly, a large number of followers in social media sites have the capacity to impress people at the very first glance. Manually increasing your followers is very time taking. To help companies speed up the process of increasing relevant Twitter followers, tools like Narrow have been introduced. Other social media managing tools are PublBox, Zoho, Hootsuit, TweetDeck, Buffer, MeetEdger, Sprout Social and more.

Automated Ads

In order to rise above the hullabaloo and everyone else’s concepts, today’s marketers need to work smart not hard. So, they are promoting messages and content with ads on social and search engines to capitalize on discoverability. At present, it’s all about spending on paid messaging funnels that work jointly with organic channels exhaustively. Expenditure on social media ad rose to 15 billion dollars previous year, while the global ad revenue of Google reached a whopping 79 billion dollars. This marks 18% increase from the last year. [Source: Statista]

But running ads manually can be painful, keeping in mind the other requisites of business that should also be taken care of. Running ad campaigns involve targeting research, experimenting with upcoming features, competitive analysis and ongoing fine-tuning. For capturing leads, you can skip some of the time and legwork by optimizing those campaigns. Some automation tools are Optmyzr, Needls, Automate Ads and Google Automation tools for PPC.

Marketing automation tools can assist small businesses with their web marketing efforts. Several tools are reasonable and so very user-friendly. Combining multiple functions into a single interface saves time and effort.