Make Digital Strategy to establish your Brand Online-Spend More on Digital Marketing

SEO is booming rapidly, hand in hand with the World Wide Web. As webpage ranks dance as per Google Algorithm update, the art of achieving perfection through SEO is becoming more difficult. Of late, you may have observed SEO companies and experts raising their prices. Does that indicate there is no more negotiation on SEO rates? Here is why?

A lot has changed from 2008 to 2017

One who started as an SEO expert in 2008 must have undergone waves of evolution in his/her journey till 2017. During those days when SEO was a new kid in the block, Google greatly depended on the keyword Meta tag, Meta title and description, links to your webpage and technical build-up of your webpage structure. A decade back, the guidelines were lenient; as long as you had keywords properly placed in your metadata and you create more links than your competitors, ranking high on search engines like Google was not difficult.

Take a leap to 2017, and you will observe the game has changed so much! Google now uses semantics to better understand search queries and is inclined towards user experience, gifting technical augmentation to websites like site speed. Everything was used to be handled by one person, but now the need for more miscellaneous skill set has compelled SEO practitioners to break down their skills into verticals like technical, content and outreach.

One size doesn’t fit all anymore

In the initial days small optimizations gave bigger results. SEO companies were offering results quickly due to more cookie-cutter approach. Staying agile is the name of the game now. This means, you have to grow your strategies fast enough to not only sustain with your competitor organically, but surpass them in rankings and website traffic. Thus, SEO comes at a higher price tag due to the proficiency as well as the extra time required to be detail-oriented and calculative.

SEOKolkata works with an agile team of SEO professionals who don’t just increase traffic, but save your SEO campaign from getting out of date.

Bank on SEO tools – yes or no?

Is there really any SEO tool that will do SEO for you? Rather, you can say there are a lot of SEO tools that gives your site an edge over competitors. Some of the SEO tools for 2017 are:

  • For research and analysis use Ahrefs
  • For SEO audit use seobility
  • For keyword research use Long Tail Pro
  • For competitor research + keyword search use SEM Rush
  • For outreach use Pitchbox
  • For competitor analysis use SEOquake

With the price of quality SEO tools going higher and more helpful tools flooding the market every day, the charges of using the best technology for SEO campaigns has risen notably. Moreover, if we consider SEO a part of digital marketing, paid and sponsored results provide quicker results and more traffic. Thus, promoting your website online has become so much expensive as a whole.