Celebrity Reputation Management

The time, when you get name and fame, it is very simple that all eyes will follow you. Being a famous person it is just impossible for you to stay away from unavoidable daub against your reputation. At present world people run after popularity and name. Thus, Celebrities catch all the attention from fans and media wherever they visit.  There are hundreds and thousands celebrity magazines and websites that do not miss any single information of celebrities’ lives and make a headline out of each personal as well as professional move.  Some of the time these media attempts make uncomfortable state for celebrities and create negative effect on their personal image, reputation and influence their career front in a negative way. SEO Kolkata one of the top SEO companies in India offer reliable celebrity reputation management service at fair cost.

Premium Celebrity Management Service

We all know that no larger stage exists in the world than online stage. When you are a celebrity or an aspiring personality or you are representing one of these grouping, it is very much important for you to realize that sales stature, marketable goods and present market place interfacing all are profoundly contingent on your personal and professional reputation. A single negative review or comment can go against your reputation and can simply bury your career. At SEO Kolkata, we offer the most reliable and affordable celebrity reputation management services for celebrities who are being preyed by negative comments and living in uncomfortable condition. We can understand that such situation creates the state of nightmare for celebrities. Hence, we are ready to help you out from these kinds of tricky conditions with our advanced reputation management services.

Repair tarred Online Image

At SEO Kolkata, we are specialized in handling online brand management services for celebrities. If you are one of those who are going through this kind of situation and seeking help to get rid of this situation then we are here to help you out. We assure you to keep your public image undamaged in web world. We provide online celebrity reputation management services for singers, dancers, elected officials, actors, and aspiring faces to save them from negative promotion as well as to save their line of businesses.

Why Us?

Time has changed and social media influences the present world drastically. Now it is one of the important things for celebrities to keep an eye on their online reputation. Most of the time celebrities befall rumor and fake stories that straight away smash up their reputation. SEO Kolkata totally aware of the fact that how difficult it is to preserve reputation among your fans and online media. Being the top notch celebrity management service provider in India, we guarantee to create positive image of celebrities among their fans, followers and media. We provide affordable and search engine oriented reputation management services for celebrities. We possess couple of years experience in rebuilding image and celebrity disaster management services.

We are assisting in

  • Handling tampered comments
  • Fixed morphed images
  • Mug Shot removing services
  • Positive content optimization
  • Positive content planning
  • Social media Control

SEO Kolkata helps in covering harmful comments and reviews, articles and information about celebrities from the major search engine results so that false stories do not get in touch with their audience.