Content Marketing

No one likes to be sold. We SEO Kolkata collectively tune out ads, very fast and forward, commercials as well as glaze over in the time of sales pitches. And, the demand for CONTENT is much higher than ever, and that is not our opinion at SEO Kolkata. It is proven in study, before study and after study. These days purchasers are well enough on their way to make a purchase decision prior to contact a company, and that is where the CONTENT MARKETING comes in. A study includes here:

  • More than 60 percent Business to Business decision makers say a branded content helps them to make better buying decisions.
  • And, more than 61 percent of customers are more willingly to purchase from companies which provide custom content.

A successful content marketing is nothing but a communication which provides a right message, to the right people and at the right time. A content marketing strategy begins with defining purchasers persona as well as identifying questions purchasers ask in the time of buying. That time marketers, creative people as well as stakeholders of business decide – at what frequency- what content are good to suit to answer those questions. If it is weekly blog, quarterly infograph or a monthly tutorial video.

Want More From Content Marketing?

In today’s highly competitive online business world, content marketing and search engine optimization – one can ask the Google. The content is cached, ranked as well as delivered after evaluation from Penguin, Panda as well as Hummingbird. At SEO Kolkata, we try our best to please your visitors who are raucous, critics than that of algorithms. At the same time when people click your content, the more you try to influence their personal search results, the more you go forward to win them. This is the main goal of our successful content marketing strategy.

Why Choose Us for Content Marketing Service?

We create content strategy, will market that and help you to attain your goal. Whether nobody is reading your content then it has just wasted your time and energy. SEO Kolkata provides you excellent content distribution and amplification services that help you to reach your new visitors, drive more traffic and leads more sales.

Our content marketing campaign will fuel your brand and enhance inbound marketing efforts, so that you can engage with existing customers and also can acquire new customers. We are highly acclaimed in building high quality content and market them for the world’s biggest brands.